My experience

Having worked within multiple companies, I am able to ajust my vision to yours, no matter the size of your organisation.

My clients range from traditionnal companies to IT service providers.



Visited Data Centers

Fiber cables installed

Coffee cups

Leonix Datacenter

2018-2019 – Data center quality manager


– Cooling management
– Monitoring deployment
– Upgrade planning
– Updating the data center to be up to code


2018-2019 – CTO


– Deployment of an independant network (ASN)

– Client infrastructure deployment

– Assistance to the sales team

– Level 3 tech support

– Network upgrade to Cisco ASR

Iliad Datacenter

2016-2017 –Ā Data center technician

2017-2018 – Sales repĀ 


– IT and network interventions

– Server rack cable management

– Deployment of client server racks

–Ā Deploying R&D solutions


2015-2017 –Ā President


– Team management

– Server management

– Tech support

– Web development

Data centers in which I had the chance to work in


  • France
    • Equinix PA1-6
    • Telehouse Paris 1-2
    • Leonix Bourse
    • Hexatom Naneterre



North America

  • Canada
    • Compass Data Centers MTL R1 (MontrĆ©al)
  • USA
    • Equinix NY8 (New York)
    • Equinix DC (Ashburn)

My personnal network – AS208196

My personnal network allow me to run IT projects and help non-profits.

My network has multiple internet transits and is present is multiple data centers in Paris.

My network also provides transit to other small networks.

For more information, visitĀ


Volunteer experience

Since practial experience is the best form of learning, I often help other non-profit organisations with their IT needs.

My most recent experience was with Proxgroup.

Proxgroup offers web and VPS hosting in France. I have been able to help them with their infrastructure and tech support.